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Not to Touch the Earth, Not to See the Sun


Lisa Harney
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Do not PM me about transgender moderation matters, I will delete and forget about it. Send to transgendermods at gmail dot com as the community profile says. Thank you.
abuse recovery, activism, add, adhd, anti-cisgenderism, anti-cissexism, anti-oppression, anti-orientalism, anti-racism, asd, asexuality, asperger syndrome, asperger's syndrome, autism, autism spectrum, autistic, bdsm, bisexual, butch, butches, cats, chronic pain, cis privilege, civil rights, computer games, crowdaggers, cultural deviancy, decolonization, depression, disability, disability justice, dyke, dykes, equal rights, equality, equity, estrogen, ethics, female masculinity, feminism, feminist theory, femme, femmes, fibromyalgia, fms, free speech, game theory, gaming, gays and lesbians, gender, gender identity, gender neutral, gender studies, genderless, genderqueer, genderqueers, glbt, goth, hate crimes, hidden disability, high functioning autism, homosexual, hormones, hrt, hsp, human rights, immanentizing various eschatons, intersectionality, intersex, invisible disabilities, invisible illness, julia serano, kink, lesbian, lesbian avengers, lesbians, lgbt, mental health, mmorpgs, monosexual, myofascial pain syndrome, neurodiversity, neutrois, nongender, oppression, pansexual, pansexuality, pdx, people of color, people with disabilities, poc, polyamory, portland, prejudice, privilege, queer, queer politics, queer studies, queer theory, queering femininity, queers, racism, racists, rpgs, science fiction, sensory sensitivity, sex positivism, sex self-determination, sex work, sexual orientation, sexuality, social justice, third gender, trans, trans activism, trans dykes, trans female, trans men, trans misogyny, trans terms, trans women, transdykes, transexual, transfeminism, transgender, transition, transmen, transpeople, transsexual, transsexualism, transsexuality, transsexuals, transwomen, ts, video games, videogames, weird alternate histories, white privilege, womanism, women, women of color, women's studies, worldbuilding, writing